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Skogman LID Board Members
and Contacts

Directors and Board Members 


Bill Berg



Theresa Dolezal


Jenny Hunt



Mark Funfar

Secretary and

Lake Steward


Shari VanAlstine

Public Relations

Dan Debban

General Member

Jerry Miller

General Member

Myron Lindstrom

General Member

Website content - open

Fundraising - open

Jan Hasler

General Member

Skogman LID is always looking for new members to help with planning, website design, fundraising, and decision-making. 


If you are not receiving emails from Mark Funfar, please inform him of your current email address.

Skogman Lake Critical Contact Information Reference List

DNR local conservation officer:   Nathan Benkofske. 651-408-4386

DNR No Wake Officer:   Adam Block. 651-259-5057

DNR AIS:   Christine Jurek. (320) 223-7847

DNR Public Access Manager :  Rachel Henzen  (651) 259-5875

DNR Water Resources:   Wendy  Crowell  +1 (651) 259-5085

DNR Lake Plant Mgmt And AIS Treatment Permits:  Shane McBride 651-259-5092. 

Isanti County Sheriff:  763-689-2141. Or 911

Isanti Sheriff Lake Patrol:  Sgt Wade Book. 763-689-2141  We can request lake patrols  Ask for Lisa or Lance

Isanti Soil and Water Conversation District
Tiffany Determan, District Manager   763-689-3271
Todd D.H. Kulaf, Conservation Technician 763-689-3271

Isanti County Zoning & AIS Management
Darrick Wotachek  Wetland Specialist    (763) 689-5165

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