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Skogman LID Board Members
and Contacts

LID Team 2023.jpg

Directors and Board Members 


Bill Berg



Theresa Dolezal

General Member

Jenny Hunt



Mark Funfar

Secretary, Lake Steward & Website Manager


Shari VanAlstine

Public Relations & Water Monitoring

Dan Debban

General Member

Jerry Miller

Vice President

Myron Lindstrom

General Member

Website content - open

Jan Hasler

General Member

Skogman LID is always looking for new members to help with planning, website design, fundraising, and decision-making. 


If you are not receiving emails from Mark Funfar, please inform him of your current email address.

Skogman Lake Critical Contact Information Reference List

DNR local conservation officer:   Nathan Benkofske. 651-408-4386

DNR No Wake Officer:   Adam Block. 651-259-5057

DNR AIS:   Christine Jurek. (320) 223-7847

DNR Public Access Manager :  Rachel Henzen  (651) 259-5875

DNR Water Resources:   Wendy  Crowell  +1 (651) 259-5085

DNR Lake Plant Mgmt And AIS Treatment Permits:  Shane McBride 651-259-5092. 

Isanti County Sheriff:  763-689-2141. Or 911

Isanti Sheriff Lake Patrol:  Sgt Wade Book. 763-689-2141  We can request lake patrols  Ask for Lisa or Lance

Isanti Soil and Water Conversation District
Tiffany Determan, District Manager   763-689-3271
Todd D.H. Kulaf, Conservation Technician 763-689-3271

Isanti County Zoning & AIS Management
Darrick Wotachek  Wetland Specialist    (763) 689-5165

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